Muhammad Bin Hassan (visiting PhD Student 2021/2022)

My PhD research is funded by FAPESP (Sao Paulo Research Foundation, Brazil) and this project is a part of a thematic project “MarineE-Tech” (a Joint collaboration between NERC-Uk and FAPESP-Brazil). I study the Iron Manganese (Fe-Mn) crusts from the Atlantic Ocean (from Rio Grande Rise and Tropic Seamount). Despite the fact that the Fe-Mn crusts are rich in critical metals and mineral resources, they are also very important when it comes to investigating paleoceanography as they are among the best archives of past climate. I use different techniques such as rock magnetism, paleomagnetism and geochemistry as a tool to understand the paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental conditions involved in the formation of Fe-Mn crusts. I am interested in marine mineral resources, marine geochemistry, sedimentology, biomagnetism, environmental magnetism, magnetostratigraphy and paleoceanography.


1. Magnetostratigraphic analysis of ferromanganese deposits (2017-2023)

2. A Comparative geochemical analysis of Fe-Mn crusts from Atlantic Ocean (2021-2022)


Hassan, M. Bin, Jovane, L., Cabral, A. de S., Abreu, F., Bergo, N.M., Pellizari, V., (2022). Carbon sequestration assessment using varying concentrations of magnetotactic bacteria. Environ. Adv. 9, 100290.

Dantas, R. C., Hassan, M. B., Cruz, F. W., & Jovane, L. (2022). Evidence for methane seepage in South Atlantic from the occurrence of authigenic gypsum and framboidal pyrite in deep-sea sediments. Marine and Petroleum Geology142, 105727. 

Hassan, M.B., Rodelli, D., Benites, M., Abreu, F., Murton, B. and Jovane, L., (2020). Presence of biogenic magnetite in ferromanganese nodules. Environmental microbiology reports12(3): 288-295. https://doi: 10.1111/1758-2229.12831
Jovane, L., Florindo, F., Wilson, G., de Almeida Pecchiai Saldanha Leone, S., Hassan, M.B., Rodelli, D. and Cortese, G., (2020). Magnetostratigraphic Chronology of a Cenozoic Sequence From DSDP Site 274, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Frontiers in Earth Science 8:563453

Conference Participation:
• 16th castle meeting; New trends on paleo, rock and environmental magnetism, European Center for Geological Education, Chęciny, Poland (2018)
• II Brazilian symposium on marine geology and geophysics, Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil (2019)
• International workshop: Multidisciplinary research on Rio Grande Rise, Ubatuba-SP, Brazil (2019)
• Kick-off meeting: Sea-Level changes and global monsoon system: Clues from marine IODP cores in Brazil – Paleoceanography of the Brazilian equatorial margin, Ubatuba-SP, Brazil (2019)