Dr. Jianlin Liao

Research Projects:

1. Formation of submarine metalliferous sediments

  • Examined mineralogy and crystal chemistry on a nano-scale to investigate the REY substitution into the bioapatite crystal lattice.
  • Investigated mineral composition of the Fe-Mn micronodules from different burial depths to reveal the mineralogical transformation of Fe-Mn minerals during early diagenesis.
  • Developed a chemical leaching scheme to separate the potential REY-carrying phases and to quantify the percent of REY held by each phase.
  • Clarified the Sr-Nd isotopic of sediment and bioapatite to trace the origin of REY.
  • Deciphered the elemental contents and geneses of the layer-grown structure of the ferromanganese nodule to build connections to paleoclimate.

2. Enrichment mechanisms of REEs in bioapatite fossils in deep-sea sediments

  • Analyzed the elemental contents of deep-sea sediment to find the essential REY carrier.
  • Conducted LA-ICP-MS analysis to reveal the concentration and spatial distribution of REY within bioapatite fossil teeth.
  • Examined microscale mineralogy and crystal chemistry of the bioapatite by using TEM.

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

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